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818873006704Benniefactor -
B More Building Shampoo
b MORE building shampoo adds fullness to the hair while adding moisture and protecting your color. 8.7oz

818873006803Benniefactor -
B More Building Conditioner
The partner to b MORE shampoo brings needed nutrients and building agents to promote thicker, fuller hair while adding moisture and protecting your color. 8.7oz

818873008005Benniefactor -
B Excellent Shine Mist
For the ultimate luminance, apply to damp or dry hair to impart shine. 2oz

818873005103Benniefactor -
B Clever Dressing Cream
Dress it up, down, or all around. b CLEVER lets you style with body or beautifully define those natural or salon-bought curls. 8.7oz

818873005202Benniefactor -
B Strong Deep Conditioner
If you have invested in chemical treatments to make your hair do tricks (turn colors, go straight, go curly), then protect that investment with b STRONG deep conditioner to restore the nutrients and moisture that chemicals can drain away 8.7oz

818873005714Benniefactor -
B Tenacious Design Fix
Kick your look into high gear with b TENACIOUS designfix. This creamy blend is the vehicle for achieving your texture goals. 2.5oz

818873005707Benniefactor -
B Daring Moulding Putty
What's not to love about texture, hold and flexibility? Apply b DARING to damp hair for styling purposes, or put it on last as a finisher instead of hair spray - call it a solid hair spray if you will. 2.5oz

818873003000Benniefactor -
B Bold Texturizing Spray
b BOLD texturizing spray might be one of the strongest styling formulations you'll ever come up against. It pumps up the volume in all hair types, and it contains a natural healer and a hair conditioner extraordinaire. 8.7oz

818873003406Benniefactor -
B Confident Styling Spray
So light and breezy, b CONFIDENT puts the air in hair. Hours of hold and styling fun, without the hair spray side-effects (no wetness, stickiness, or unhappiness!). 10oz

818873005509Benniefactor -
B Balanced Shampoo
A gentle but effective cleansing shampoo that provides luster and softness, while restoring hair's natural moisture. 8.7oz

818873005646Benniefactor -
B More Building Powder
Powder me big! b MORE building powder volume so radical you need crowd control. So shake it. Like you mean it. Adds incredible volume, texture, and grip Long-lasting style and control dry, weightless hold Matte finish Sprinkle throughout hair Use more at base for huge results 0.14oz


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1044 Chestnut St Bowling Green, KY 42101
Located downtown directly next to The Brickyard Café
and across the street from The Mellow Mushroom